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Solid-Liquid Interfaces: Atomic-Scale Structure and Dynamics

Solid-liquid interfaces present an unparalleled opportunity to manipulate charge at the atomic scale and drive chemical transformations. The complexity of the solid-liquid interface, where even its spatial extent remains an open question, makes it critical to quantify the atomic-scale structure and dynamics of these interfaces. This goal is now within reach with recent developments in fields ranging from machine-learned potentials for molecular dynamics to spatially resolved in situ interfacial characterization techniques. This issue will highlight both methodological advances that bridge the scales accessible by computation and experiment, and novel interfacial phenomena identified using these methods.

Guest Editors: Damien Laage, Kathleen Schwarz, Angela Stenson, and Ravishankar Sundararaman

Special Collection Image
Jacob M. Clary; Mauro Del Ben; Ravishankar Sundararaman; Derek Vigil-Fowler
Md. Shafiul Azam; Xinguo Lu; Bhumika S. Rathore; Rakesh Padhan; Zhijing Wan; Dennis K. Hore
R. E. Rozas; J. L. Orrego; P. G. Toledo
Feng Liu; Kunfeng Chen; Chao Peng; Dongfeng Xue
Taylor Colburn; Dmitry V. Matyushov
Hunter Wilkinson; Brianne Boyd; John M. O’Connell; Reilly Knox; Alex J. Rinehart; Bhaskar S. Majumdar; Deep Choudhuri
Disha Sunil Aherrao; Charanjeet Singh; A. K. Srivastava
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