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Materials, Methods, and Applications of Color Centers with Accessible Spin

Quantum systems based on color center spins in solid state materials are powerful drivers of scientific research and technologies enabling a wide range of applications. This Special Topic focuses on the recent progress in materials, device engineering, and the development of sensitive metrology tools for the advancement of science and technology using color center spins. Of particular interest are sensing applications, quantum devices, materials and processing that enable novel functionalities, and improved performance for next-generation quantum science and technology.

Guest Editors: Chunhui Du, Marcus W Doherty, and Gregory David Fuchs

Special Collection Image
Marcus W. Doherty; Chunhui Rita Du; Gregory D. Fuchs
Robert D. McMichael; Sergey Dushenko; Sean M. Blakley
M. A. Khan; Michael N. Leuenberger
Faraz A. Inam; S. Castelletto
J. Trimble; B. Gould; F. J. Heremans; S. S.-L. Zhang; D. D. Awschalom; J. Berezovsky
Benjamin Fortman; Laura Mugica-Sanchez; Noah Tischler; Cooper Selco; Yuxiao Hang; Karoly Holczer; Susumu Takahashi
Maximilian Ruf; Noel H. Wan; Hyeongrak Choi; Dirk Englund; Ronald Hanson
Yanmin Yang; Jian-Min Zhang; Hai Jia; Kehua Zhong; Guigui Xu; Zhigao Huang
Kelsey M. Bates; Matthew W. Day; Christopher L. Smallwood; Rachel C. Owen; Tim Schröder; Edward Bielejec; Ronald Ulbricht; Steven T. Cundiff
Kin On Ho; King Cho Wong; Man Yin Leung; Yiu Yung Pang; Wai Kuen Leung; King Yau Yip; Wei Zhang; Jianyu Xie; Swee K. Goh; Sen Yang
Guillermo Nava Antonio; Iacopo Bertelli; Brecht G. Simon; Rajasekhar Medapalli; Dmytro Afanasiev; Toeno van der Sar
Nguyen T. Son; Ivan G. Ivanov
Fa Cao; Zhihu Pan; Xiaohong Ji
Mark E. Turiansky; Chris G. Van de Walle
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