Dear Readers, Authors, and Colleagues,

As we ride the wave of Industry 4.0, our industries are swiftly moving toward digitization, networking, and intelligence. Fluid engineering, as a core technology in the fields such as aerospace, energy, and petrochemicals, etc., has emerged as a key driver for industrial innovation and efficiency enhancement.

In order to disseminate the latest advancements in fluid engineering and science, and to promote global academic exchange and cooperation, China National Machinery Industry Corporation Limited (SINOMACH) has successfully established the International Journal of Fluid Engineering (IJFE), which embodies distinctive engineering characteristics. As the supervising body, SINOMACH will leverage the advantages of its affiliated research institutions, and adhere to the purpose of serving the industry, and promoting the academic development and technological progress.

Published quarterly in English with a commitment to diamond open-access, IJFE guarantees cost-free publication and access to all its articles. Our aim is to create an open, diverse and cutting-edge academic exchange platform. The journal will present the latest research findings and practical applications in fluid mechanics and its allied fields.

Boasting an editorial board of world-renowned fluid science experts, and in collaboration with AIP Publishing, we strive to ensure that each manuscript receives thorough and prompt peer review, meeting the high standards of our discipline and reaching a global audience efficiently.

IJFE stands not just as a conduit for scholarly exchange but also as an essential tool for fostering global collaboration and dialogue. We are committed to consolidating international knowledge and expertise, encouraging the fusion of novel ideas and the sharing of real-world experiences. Our goal is to propel forward the discipline of fluid engineering, contributing significantly to societal advancement.

On behalf of China National Machinery Industry Corporation Limited, I extend my deepest gratitude and warmest wishes to our international readers, authors, and colleagues. I am hopeful that the International Journal of Fluid Engineering (IJFE) will illuminate the global academic landscape, acting as a vital link within the fluid engineering community, and delivering the latest academic developments and insightful analyses to our worldwide audience.

Warm regards,

Chairman, China National Machinery Industry Corporation Limited.