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Current Issue
Volume 1,
Issue 2,
1 June 2024

International Journal of Fluid Engineering

International Journal of Fluid Engineering (IJFE) publishes various types of fundamental and engineering application-oriented research relating to fluid mechanics. The journal publishes research work of flow problems with fluids as the working medium that play a central supporting role in major projects, major equipment and strategic products.

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Most Recent
Research Article
Wei Zhang, Ravi Samtaney
In this study, flow across a circular cylinder confined in an inclined channel is considered, with account taken of mixed convection. Cases with opposing or aiding buoyancy that is not in alignment ...
Research Article
Xuan He, Yaxiong Yu et al.
Monodisperse fluidized bed experiments have been carried out on 13 kinds of particles with different particle sizes in a cylindrical fluidized bed. The accuracy of nine commonly used monodisperse ...
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