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Current Issue
Volume 1,
Issue 1,
March 2024

International Journal of Fluid Engineering

International Journal of Fluid Engineering (IJFE) publishes various types of fundamental and engineering application-oriented research relating to fluid mechanics. The journal publishes research work of flow problems with fluids as the working medium that play a central supporting role in major projects, major equipment and strategic products.

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Most Recent
Research Article
Lu Rong, Martin Böhle et al.
The hydraulic performance of a high-speed submersible axial flow pump is investigated to reduce its energy consumption. A more efficient and stable optimization method that combines parametric ...
Research Article
Wenguang Li
That the predicted head of a vortex pump is higher than that measured experimentally is very common in simulations of turbulent flow in such pumps. To identify why, reported here is a study of the ...
Research Article
Bin Xu, Hao Wang et al.
The flapping vortex dynamics of two flexible plates submerged side-by-side in the wake of a square cylinder are investigated through a two-way fluid–structure interaction (FSI) simulation. The gap ...
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