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Current Issue
Volume 36,
Issue 5,
October 2023

Focus and Coverage

Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics is devoted to reporting new and original experimental and theoretical research in interdisciplinary areas at the interface of chemistry and physics. It aims to provide comprehensive understanding of physical and chemical properties of different systems at atomic and molecular levels.

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Research Article
Research Article
Rui Xu, Zi-lu Wang et al.
We regret to announce that two parameters (θ0, rc) were found incorrect after publication due to the author’s typing errors. The two parameters were published in Chin. J. Chem. Phys. 27 , 663–671 ...
Research Article
Na Dong, Fangfang You et al.
As a direct wide bandgap semiconductor, CsPbCl3 has great potential applications in the field of near-ultraviolet photodetectors, lasers and higher-order multiphoton fluorescent detectors. In this ...
Editor's Picks
Research Article
Xuxu Ye, Bingyu Liu et al.
Au nanowires in 4H crystalline phase (4H Au NWs) are synthesized by colloid solution methods. The crystalline phase and surface structure as well as its performance toward electrochemical oxidation ...
Research Article
Yichuan Wang, Xiao Sun et al.
Thermal and photothermal catalytic selective oxidation of isobutane to methacrylic acid (MAA) are comparatively studied over a keggin-type Cs2.9Cu0.34V0.49PMo12O40 heteropolyacid acid. An ...
Research Article
Xiangzhong Zeng, Lyuzhou Ye et al.
Peltier effect is an important thermoelectric phenomenon which stands for the generation of temperature gradient of the interface between two dissimilar conductors by the electric current flowing ...
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