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Quantum Sensing with Correlated Light Sources

Sources of correlated photon pairs have become a valuable resource for imaging, sensing and spectroscopy with recent developments enabled by new advancements in laser technology and nonlinear optics. Photon correlations enable sensing and imaging of fragile samples at very low photon flux. Photon pairs also link diverse spectral ranges, which are limited only by phase matching and the transparency windows of nonlinear materials. At its most powerful, nonlinear interferometry utilizes correlated photon pairs to "sense with essentially undetected photons." This special topic focuses on developments in the field of correlated photon-pair sources and their applications.

Guest Editors: Rupert Oulton, Alex Clark, Maria Chekhova, Jonathan Matthews, and John Rarity

Special Collection Image
Alex S. Clark; Maria Chekhova; Jonathan C. F. Matthews; John G. Rarity; Rupert F. Oulton
Andres Vega; Sina Saravi; Thomas Pertsch; Frank Setzpfandt
Gerard J. Machado; Gaetano Frascella; Juan P. Torres; Maria V. Chekhova
Anna V. Paterova; Hongzhi Yang; Zi S. D. Toa; Leonid A. Krivitsky
E. Pearce; C. C. Phillips; R. F. Oulton; A. S. Clark
Peter Svihra; Yingwen Zhang; Paul Hockett; Steven Ferrante; Benjamin Sussman; Duncan England; Andrei Nomerotski
Jason D. Mueller; Nigam Samantaray; Jonathan C. F. Matthews
Wei Du; J. F. Chen; Z. Y. Ou; Weiping Zhang
Panagiotis Vergyris; Charles Babin; Raphael Nold; Elie Gouzien; Harald Herrmann; Christine Silberhorn; Olivier Alibart; Sébastien Tanzilli; Florian Kaiser
Gil Triginer Garces; Helen M. Chrzanowski; Shakib Daryanoosh; Valerian Thiel; Anna L. Marchant; Raj B. Patel; Peter C. Humphreys; Animesh Datta; Ian A. Walmsley
Steven D. Johnson; Paul-Antoine Moreau; Thomas Gregory; Miles J. Padgett
T. I. Novikova; K. A. Kuznetsov; A. A. Leontyev; G. Kh. Kitaeva
Tian Li; Fu Li; Charles Altuzarra; Anton Classen; Girish S. Agarwal
Zhenquan Yang; Prasoon Saurabh; Frank Schlawin; Shaul Mukamel; Konstantin E. Dorfman
K. Sugiura; Z. Yin; R. Okamoto; L. Zhang; L. Kang; J. Chen; P. Wu; S. T. Chu; B. E. Little; S. Takeuchi
I. Ruo-Berchera; A. Meda; E. Losero; A. Avella; N. Samantaray; M. Genovese
Lyuzhou Ye; Shaul Mukamel
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