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On-Chip Mid-Infrared and THz Frequency Combs for Spectroscopy

Frequency combs have revolutionized time and frequency metrology and in recent years, new frequency comb lasers that are highly compact or even on-chip have been demonstrated in the mid-infrared and THz regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The emerging technologies include electrically pumped quantum and interband cascade semiconductor devices, as well as high-quality factor microresonators. In this guest editorial, the authors summarize recent advances in the field, the potential for rapid broadband spectroscopy, as well as the challenges and prospects for use in molecular gas sensing.

This editorial and collection was inspired by the 2018 International Quantum Cascade Lasers Workshop.

Guest Editors: Giacomo Scalari, Jérôme Faist, Nathalie Picqué

Special Collection Image
David Burghoff; Ningren Han; Filippos Kapsalidis; Nathan Henry; Mattias Beck; Jacob Khurgin; Jerome Faist; Qing Hu
Giacomo Scalari; Jérôme Faist; Nathalie Picqué
Jacob B. Khurgin; Nathan Henry; David Burghoff; Qing Hu
Houssein El Dirani; Ayman Kamel; Marco Casale; Sébastien Kerdiles; Christelle Monat; Xavier Letartre; Minhao Pu; Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe; Kresten Yvind; Corrado Sciancalepore
Marco Piccardo; Paul Chevalier; Sajant Anand; Yongrui Wang; Dmitry Kazakov; Enrique A. Mejia; Feng Xie; Kevin Lascola; Alexey Belyanin; Federico Capasso
Q. Y. Lu; S. Manna; D. H. Wu; S. Slivken; M. Razeghi
P. Jouy; J. M. Wolf; Y. Bidaux; P. Allmendinger; M. Mangold; M. Beck; J. Faist
Markus Rösch; Ileana-Cristina Benea-Chelmus; Christopher Bonzon; Martin J. Süess; Mattias Beck; Jérôme Faist; Giacomo Scalari
J. Westberg; L. A. Sterczewski; G. Wysocki
Markus Rösch; Giacomo Scalari; Gustavo Villares; Lorenzo Bosco; Mattias Beck; Jérôme Faist
G. Villares; J. Wolf; D. Kazakov; M. J. Süess; A. Hugi; M. Beck; J. Faist
Sean P. Ó Dúill; Prince M. Anandarajah; Rui Zhou; Liam P. Barry
Q. Y. Lu; M. Razeghi; S. Slivken; N. Bandyopadhyay; Y. Bai; W. J. Zhou; M. Chen; D. Heydari; A. Haddadi; R. McClintock; M. Amanti; C. Sirtori
D. S. Makarov; M. Yu. Tretyakov; A. P. Shkaev; A. M. Kiselev; A. N. Stepanov; V. V. Parshin
J. B. Khurgin; Y. Dikmelik; A. Hugi; J. Faist
Yin Wang; Michael G. Soskind; Wen Wang; Gerard Wysocki
Pascal Del'Haye; Scott A. Diddams; Scott B. Papp
Peter Friedli; Hans Sigg; Borislav Hinkov; Andreas Hugi; Sabine Riedi; Mattias Beck; Jérôme Faist
I. Galli; M. Siciliani de Cumis; F. Cappelli; S. Bartalini; D. Mazzotti; S. Borri; A. Montori; N. Akikusa; M. Yamanishi; G. Giusfredi; P. Cancio; P. De Natale
M. Ravaro; V. Jagtap; G. Santarelli; C. Sirtori; L. H. Li; S. P. Khanna; E. H. Linfield; S. Barbieri
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