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Advances in 5G Physics, Materials, and Devices

With the introduction of 5G technology to the marketplace, new applications in automation, artificial intelligence, and healthcare are now possible, including smart building spaces with integrated sensors and autonomous vehicles that depend on high-speed communications for real-time feedback. In contrast to earlier generations, 5G requires fundamentally different hardware and even underlying design principles. Examples include technology to enable real-time beamforming to overcome path loss and maintain signal integrity. Carriers are testing 5G mmWave handsets and small-cell base stations internationally. These tests demonstrate the limitations of many current implementations and the need for new materials, physics, measurement science, devices, and technology. The scope of this special issue will address the questions "what is 5G?", "what are the challenges?", "how can materials, physics, and measurements help?", and "what new technologies and applications are on the horizon?".

Guest Editors: Michael Lanagan, Nathan D. Orloff, and Rick Ubic

Special Collection Image
Nathan D. Orloff; Rick Ubic; Michael Lanagan
In-June Hwang; Dal-Jae Yun; Jeong-Il Park; Young-Pyo Hong; In-Ho Lee
Alexey A. Serdobintsev; Victor V. Galushka; Ilya O. Kozhevnikov; Anton M. Pavlov; Andrey V. Starodubov
Bryan T. Bosworth; Nick R. Jungwirth; Kassiopeia Smith; Jerome Cheron; Franklyn Quinlan; Madison Woodson; Jesse Morgan; Andreas Beling; Ari Feldman; Dylan Williams; Nathan D. Orloff; Christian J. Long
James Spencer Lundh; Daniel Shoemaker; A. Glen Birdwell; James D. Weil; Leonard M. De La Cruz; Pankaj B. Shah; Kevin G. Crawford; Tony G. Ivanov; Hiu Yung Wong; Sukwon Choi
Atom O. Watanabe; Kimiyuki Kanno; Hirokazu Ito; Rao R. Tummala; Madhavan Swaminathan
Y. Kato; M. Horibe
Ling Cai; Jingshi Wu; Lisa Lamberson; Elena Streltsova; Colin Daly; Aramais Zakharian; Nicholas F. Borrelli
Brian Romanczyk; Matthew Guidry; Xun Zheng; Pawana Shrestha; Haoran Li; Elaheh Ahmadi; Stacia Keller; Umesh K. Mishra
Xiaoqiang Gu; Jorge Virgilio de Almeida; Simon Hemour; Roni Khazaka; Ke Wu
C. Yu; P. Andalib; A. Sokolov; O. Fitchorova; W. Liang; E. Beam; V. G. Harris
M. Letz; M. Hovhannisyan; F. Bergmann; Xiaofei Bai; H. Engelmann; G. Weidmann
Justin Gonzales; Jing Hu; Christopher Muhich; Jay Oswald; Nathan Newman
Bartlomiej Salski; Jerzy Cuper; Tomasz Karpisz; Pawel Kopyt; Jerzy Krupka
Maksym V. Strikha; Mykola Yelisieiev; Anna N. Morozovska
Rodrigue Tchema; Nectarios C. Papanicolaou; Anastasis C. Polycarpou
Fei Fan; Shiyan Wang; Lei Zhu; Li Yang; Yin Li; Gang Zhang; Sai-Wai Wong
Khalid Z. Rajab; Bang Wu; Peter Alizadeh; Akram Alomainy
Son Trinh-Van; Thai Van Trinh; Youngoo Yang; Kang-Yoon Lee; Keum Cheol Hwang
Saeid Jamilan; Varsha Vijay Kumar; Muhammad Danyal; Elena Semouchkina
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