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Structure and Mechanics of Biofluids, Biomaterials, and Biologics

Biofluids and biomaterials have innate or engineered micro- and nanostructures that determine their mechanical properties such as elasticity, plasticity and viscosity. Such structures can occur from equilibrium protein clusters in highly concentrated biopharmaceuticals, formulated in delivery systems and affect process stability and stability during storage and transport. Transient networks of mucins and polysaccharides alter flow properties to perform a biological function, erodable macromolecular scaffolds promote cell and tissue growth, and red blood cells under shear can form the well-known Rouleaux structure. This issue focuses on structure and mechanics, highlighting recent advances in the characterization of structures and mechanical measurements.

Guest Editors: Eric Furst, Gareth McKinley, and Frank Scheffold

Sesha Subramanian Murugan; Pandurang Appana Dalavi; Suprith Surya; Sukumaran Anil; Sebanti Gupta; Rohan Shetty; Jayachandran Venkatesan
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