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A Celebration of Mechanobiology, in honor of Professor Shu Chien

APL Bioengineering is privileged to feature a collection of articles honoring on the research and impact of the career of Dr. Shu Chien, the Y.C. Fung Endowed Chair in Bioengineering at UC San Diego, on the occasion of his retirement. Dr. Chien's pioneering research has focused on how forces affect vascular endothelial cell behavior and on how those forces are translated into signals that cells interpret. Dr. Chien's work helped form numerous fields including mechanotransduction and mechanobiology, and he is known for showing how force-activated SRC sensing propagates distally through endothelial cells. These articles in APL Bioengineering each highlight a different aspect and stage of Dr. Chien's career and discuss how his contributions impacted bioengineering as we know it today.

Special Collection Image
Adam J. Engler; Yingxiao Wang
Peter J. Butler
Ngan F. Huang; Ovijit Chaudhuri; Patrick Cahan; Aijun Wang; Adam J. Engler; Yingxiao Wang; Sanjay Kumar; Ali Khademhosseini; Song Li
Roland Kaunas
Ming He; Marcy Martin; Traci Marin; Zhen Chen; Brendan Gongol
Cheng Zhu; Cho-yin Lee; Larry V. McIntire
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