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Emerging Technologies in Wearable Sensors

Wearable sensors have emerged as promising technologies for personalized health monitoring, sport and fitness tracking, and medical diagnostics. Devices have become thinner, softer, and stretchable, permitting seamless integration with the body through physical, chemical, and biological sensing with remote communication capabilities. However, challenges in both materials, electronics, and integration impede harnessing the full potential of wearables. Research to overcome these obstacles require combined efforts from multiple disciplines. This Special Topic focuses on the latest advancements, grand challenges and their solutions, as well as future prospects of wearable biosensors, spanning across materials and fabrication strategies to a wide range of sensing applications on the body.

Guest editors: Arianna Menciassi, Francesco Greco, and Amay Bandodkar


Special Collection Image
Panyiming Liu; Erica M. Leung; Mohsin Ali Badshah; Christopher S. Moore; Alon A. Gorodetsky
Francesco Greco; Amay J. Bandodkar; Arianna Menciassi
Marina Galliani; Laura M. Ferrari; Guenaelle Bouet; David Eglin; Esma Ismailova
F. Vivaldi; A. Dallinger; N. Poma; A. Bonini; D. Biagini; P. Salvo; F. Borghi; A. Tavanti; F. Greco; F. Di Francesco
Riddha Das; Wenxin Zeng; Cihan Asci; Ruben Del-Rio-Ruiz; Sameer Sonkusale
Tucker Stuart; Jessica Hanna; Philipp Gutruf
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