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Bioengineering of the Liver

This Special Topic provides a valuable forum for scientists and practitioners in the field to share their most recent findings on bioengineering technologies. These findings enable more efficient assessment and testing of liver physiopathology, including microfluidics, biomaterials, tissue engineering and bioprinting, gene screening and AI, biomechanics and mechanobiology, with emphasis on organ-on-chips, organoids, gene sequencing, drug release, screening and cytotoxicity. The contributions below describe the most exciting challenges and opportunities that multidisciplinary approaches can provide to the field.

Guest Editors: Mian Long and Alberto Redaelli

Watch Associate Editor Alberto Redaelli describe this special topic.

Special Collection Image
Alberto Redaelli; Mian Long
Seung Yeon Lee; Donghyun Kim; Seung Hwan Lee; Jong Hwan Sung
Jose M. de Hoyos-Vega; Hye Jin Hong; Gulnaz Stybayeva; Alexander Revzin
Maxine Lam; Jose Antonio Reales-Calderon; Jin Rong Ow; Giulia Adriani; Andrea Pavesi
Chase P. Monckton; Grace E. Brown; Salman R. Khetani
Erika Ferrari; Marco Rasponi
Mathieu Danoy; Yannick Tauran; Stephane Poulain; Rachid Jellali; Johanna Bruce; Marjorie Leduc; Morgane Le Gall; Yuta Koui; Hiroshi Arakawa; Francoise Gilard; Bertrand Gakiere; Yukio Kato; Charles Plessy; Taketomo Kido; Atsushi Miyajima; Yasuyuki Sakai; Eric Leclerc
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