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Bioengineering of the Heart

The APL Bioengineering editorial team recognizes the need for addressing heart failure with novel bioengineering approaches. Despite substantial improvements in our understanding of the causes of heart disease and failure, it remains one of the major unresolved health conditions of the 21st century. The articles presented in this collection report on a number of issues related to heart and heart disease, including the development of better cardiac tissue models for drug discovery.

Guest Editors: Justin Cooper-White and Alberto Redaelli

Special Collection Image
Alberto Redaelli; Justin Cooper-White
Neal I. Callaghan; Sina Hadipour-Lakmehsari; Shin-Haw Lee; Anthony O. Gramolini; Craig A. Simmons
Evan H. Phillips; Adam H. Lorch; Abigail C. Durkes; Craig J. Goergen
Andrea Gonzalez Rodriguez; Megan E. Schroeder; Cierra J. Walker; Kristi S. Anseth
Roberta Visone; Giuseppe Talò; Paola Occhetta; Daniela Cruz-Moreira; Silvia Lopa; Omar Antonio Pappalardo; Alberto Redaelli; Matteo Moretti; Marco Rasponi
Abhejit Rajagopal; Vincent Radzicki; Hua Lee; Shivkumar Chandrasekaran
Ayla O. Sessions; Peter Min; Thekla Cordes; Barry J. Weickert; Ajit S. Divakaruni; Anne N. Murphy; Christian M. Metallo; Adam J. Engler
Alejandro Hidalgo; Nick Glass; Dmitry Ovchinnikov; Seung-Kwon Yang; Xinli Zhang; Stuart Mazzone; Chen Chen; Ernst Wolvetang; Justin Cooper-White
S. Pirola; O. A. Jarral; D. P. O'Regan; G. Asimakopoulos; J. R. Anderson; J. R. Pepper; T. Athanasiou; X. Y. Xu
Nishanth Venugopal Menon; Hui Min Tay; Kuin Tian Pang; Rinkoo Dalan; Siew Cheng Wong; Xiaomeng Wang; King Ho Holden Li; Han Wei Hou
Reza Avazmohammadi; Michael Hill; Marc Simon; Michael Sacks
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