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Higher Energy X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

There is growing interest and activity in photoelectron spectroscopy using X-ray sources with energies higher than Al Kα. Surface Science Spectra aims to provide a database of reference spectra for materials using these higher energy X-rays. SSS welcomes the submission of XPS data for elements and simple compounds of known stoichiometry using higher-energy XPS instruments or synchrotron HAXPES facilities for a topical collection which will serve as a reference database to the growing community of higher-energy XPS users.

Guest Editors: Dr. A. G. Shard (National Physical Laboratory, UK)

Image Credit: Dong Zheng, Christopher N. Young, William F. Stickle, Surf. Sci. Spectra 30 (2),, (2023).

Special Collection Image
Dong Zheng; Christopher N. Young; William F. Stickle
Stuart A. Dunn; Aaron Wood; Paul Roussel; Ben F. Spencer; Robert Harrison; Philip Kaye; Matthew A. Higginson
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