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Fish Bioacoustics: Hearing and Sound Communication

The field of fish bioacoustics—encompassing studies of fish hearing, sound production, and acoustic communication—is of increasing importance as investigators, regulators, and others now realize that anthropogenic sounds are likely to have a major impact on fishes, their ecosystems, and on the human food supply. To help better understand fish bioacoustics, this special issue of The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America brings together papers that explore the breadth of the topic, from historical perspectives to the latest findings on the impact of anthropogenic sounds on fishes.

Guest Editors: Arthur N. Popper (Liaison Guest Editor), Clara Amorim, Michael L. Fine, Dennis M. Higgs, Allen F. Mensinger, and Joseph A. Sisneros

Image Credit: Figure 2 from X. Deng, H.-J. Wagner, A. N. Popper, “Comparison of the saccules and lagenae in six macrourid fishes from different deep-sea habitats.” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 154: 2937–2949 (2023).

Special Collection Image
Arthur N. Popper; Clara Amorim; Michael L. Fine; Dennis M. Higgs; Allen F. Mensinger; Joseph A. Sisneros
Joseph J. Luczkovich; Mark W. Sprague; Hans W. Paerl
Kelsey N. Hom; Thomas D. Quigley; Rachel D. Rodriguez; Sydney G. Gdanski; Xylo I. Lazrinth; Rebecca Jones; Paul M. Forlano
Jeroen Hubert; Jozefien M. Demuynck; M. Rafa Remmelzwaal; Carlota Muñiz; Elisabeth Debusschere; Benoit Berges; Hans Slabbekoorn
Allen F. Mensinger
Raquel O. Vasconcelos; Marta Bolgan; André B. Matos; Sheila P. Van-Dunem; Jorge Penim; M. Clara P. Amorim
Friedrich Ladich
Amanda L. Webb McAdams; Michael E. Smith
Catherine A. McCormick
Jacqueline F. Webb
Sang Min Han; Bruce R. Land; Andrew H. Bass; Aaron N. Rice
Audrey Looby; Santiago Bravo; Francis Juanes; Rodney Rountree; Amalis Riera; Hailey L. Davies; Brittnie Spriel; Sarah Vela; Laura K. Reynolds; Charles W. Martin; Kieran Cox
Lis Bittencourt; Mariana Barbosa; Myllene Fernandes; Tatiana L. Bisi; José Lailson-Brito, Jr.; Alexandre F. Azevedo
Bernd Fritzsch; Karen L. Elliott
M. Clara P. Amorim
Xiaohong Deng; Hans-Joachim Wagner; Arthur N. Popper
Joseph Iafrate; Eric Reyier; Bonnie Ahr; Alexandra Carroll; Aaron N. Rice; Georges Dossot; Stephanie L. Watwood; Debra Murie
R. H. Pieniazek; R. K. Beach; G. M. Dycha; M. F. Mickle; D. M. Higgs
Andrew C. Nissen; Allen F. Mensinger
Louise Roberts; Aaron N. Rice
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