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Radii Gurzhi, who pioneered the field of electron hydrodynamics

R. M. Gurzhi (1930–2011) was a distinguished scientist known for his seminal contributions to solid-state physics, particularly in the realm of kinetic phenomena in metals and dielectrics. He dedicated himself to upholding and advancing the esteemed traditions of the Kharkiv (Ukraine) school of theoretical physics, characterized by a skillful application of mathematics and profound physical insight. Notably, Gurzhi's doctoral research delved into electron hydrodynamics, establishing him as a founder in this burgeoning field. His enduring legacy is exemplified by numerous discoveries bearing his name, such as the Gurzhi effect—a phenomenon characterized by minimum of resistance—and the Gurzhi formula, which elucidates the optical conductivity of a Fermi liquid. These achievements underscore Gurzhi's lasting impact on the scientific community and his enduring influence on contemporary research in condensed matter physics.

Guest Editor: Alex Levchenko

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