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Advances on Manufacturing and Next-generation Devices Towards CHIPS Act

In this Special Topic edition of Applied Physics Reviews, led by Prof. Tongay (Arizona State University), Dr. Kevin O’Brien (Intel), and Dr. Tzu-Ming Lu (Sandia National Labs), we will cover topics on a dynamic landscape of electronics, with a particular focus on the revolutionary impact of the CHIPs Act. Our curated collection of articles converges the expertise of industry professionals and academic scholars, offering readers an in-depth exploration of the current state and future trajectories in semiconductor technology.

The first section of this special topic will cover the latest breakthroughs in emergent semiconductor technologies, elucidating how these innovations are steering the electronics revolution. From novel materials to advanced fabrication techniques, contributors shed light on the forefront of semiconductor research, providing insights into the potential applications that will shape our technological future. Moving beyond the conceptual realm, the special topic will offer further insights into the intricate processes of emergent semiconductor manufacturing. Readers will gain a nuanced understanding of the methodologies and technologies driving the production of these cutting-edge components, showcasing the synergy between theoretical advancements and practical applications.

As the world witnesses the rapid deployment of 5G and anticipates the advent of 6G technologies, the Special Topic explores the most recent advances made towards these developments. Experts from both academia and industry contribute their perspectives on the implications of these advancements, uncovering the transformative potential they hold for connectivity, communication, and the broader electronic landscape.

The latter part of the edition is dedicated to the exploration of high-power devices utilizing wide gap semiconductors, ultra gap semiconductors, and wide band gap semiconductor manufacturing. Articles in this section unravel the intricacies of designing electronic components with enhanced power capabilities, pushing the boundaries of performance and efficiency. Additionally, attention is given to ultrascaling technologies in FinFET and Gate All Around devices, radiation-hard materials applications, and opinion pieces envisioning the future of semiconductors. Together, these contributions offer a comprehensive and forward-looking perspective on the evolving field of applied physics in the realm of semiconductors.

Guest Editors: Kevin O'Brien and Tzu-Ming Lu, with APR Editor Sefaattin Tongay.

Xunyu Li; Zijin Pan; Weiquan Hao; Runyu Miao; Zijian Yue; Albert Wang
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