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Reviews and Tutorials in Basic Plasma Phenomena, Waves, and Instabilities

This topical area presents the exploration of fundamental plasma phenomena and new approaches to analyze and model plasma properties and dynamics, both theoretically and computationally. These papers advance our understanding of the plasma state of matter and bring new theories and algorithms that can build basic understanding of naturally occurring plasma and many practical applications of plasma science. Examples include basic wave-plasma dynamics, influence of kinetic distributions, and basic applications to plasma particle diagnostics and mass separation.

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O. E. Malandraki; C. M. S. Cohen; J. Giacalone; J. G. Mitchell; R. Chhiber; D. J. McComas; J. Rodríguez-Pacheco; R. F. Wimmer-Schweingruber; G. C. Ho
Philippe Arnault; Sébastien Guisset
Aman-ur-Rehman; Mushtaq Ahmad; Muhammad Ahsan Shahzad
V. I. Demidov; M. E. Koepke; I. P. Kurlyandskaya; M. A. Malkov
Scott D. Bergeson; Scott D. Baalrud; C. Leland Ellison; Edward Grant; Frank R. Graziani; Thomas C. Killian; Michael S. Murillo; Jacob L. Roberts; Liam G. Stanton
R. L. Stenzel
D. D. Ryutov
S. J. Zweben; R. Gueroult; N. J. Fisch
I. H. Hutchinson
Masaaki Yamada; Jongsoo Yoo; Clayton E. Myers
Chi Yung Chim; Thomas M. O'Neil
Jan Egedal; Ari Le; William Daughton
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