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Reviews and Tutorials in Heliospheric and Astrophysical Plasmas

This topical section is host to the plasma physics, new insights, measurements, and simulations of the vast landscape of plasma the extends from the ionosphere, through the heliosphere, and outward to all types of astrophysical objects. Examples include the plasma physics of the sun, magnetospheric double-layers, particle acceleration driven by magnetic reconnection, and laboratory experiments specially-designed to reveal processes occurring in solar and astrophysical plasma.

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Honghong Wu; Chuanyi Tu; Jiansen He; Xin Wang; Liping Yang
G. P. Zank; L.-L. Zhao; L. Adhikari; D. Telloni; J. C. Kasper; S. D. Bale
Fan Guo; Yi-Hsin Liu; Xiaocan Li; Hui Li; William Daughton; Patrick Kilian
G. S. Lakhina; S. V. Singh; R. Rubia; T. Sreeraj
Gregory G. Howes
Paul M. Bellan
James Chen
Ellen G. Zweibel
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