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Reviews and Tutorials in Radiation Emission, Absorption, and Transport

This topical section includes measurements and modeling of light opacity and transport through plasma, including x-ray transmission through warm-dense plasma in stars, influences of radiation transport in shocks, and the confinement and propagation of light in ionized and filamentary gases. Examples include guiding electrical discharges and laser beams in the atmosphere, radiation transport effects and plasma source geometry, and radiation transport in dense plasmas.

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H. M. Milchberg; Y.-H. Chen; Y.-H. Cheng; N. Jhajj; J. P. Palastro; E. W. Rosenthal; S. Varma; J. K. Wahlstrand; S. Zahedpour
R. C. Mancini; J. E. Bailey; J. F. Hawley; T. Kallman; M. Witthoeft; S. J. Rose; H. Takabe
J. P. Apruzese; J. Davis; K. G. Whitney; J. W. Thornhill; P. C. Kepple; R. W. Clark; C. Deeney; C. A. Coverdale; T. W. L. Sanford
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