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Reviews and Tutorials in Dusty Plasmas

This topical section welcomes papers on so-called “dusty plasmas” formed when nanometric or micrometric (solid) particles are immersed in a plasma environment. Dusty plasmas are found in astrophysical environments and in reactive, particle-growing discharges, and they are systemically studied by deliberately adding particles to plasmas. These charged and massive dust particles form another plasma species subject to unique forces and interactions and introduce different spatial and temporal scales and strong coupling effects. Examples include dynamical properties of dusty plasma, surface erosion and dust particles dynamics, and collective processes.

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A. V. Zakharov; S. I. Popel; I. A. Kuznetsov; N. D. Borisov; E. V. Rosenfeld; Yu. Skorov; L. M. Zelenyi
Yan Feng; Wei Li; C. Reichhardt; C. J. O. Reichhardt; M. S. Murillo
P. K. Shukla
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