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Performances of the Moons And Jupiter Imaging Spectrometer on Board the Juice Spacecraft

This Special Topic highlights the spatial, spectral and radiometric performances of the MAJIS (Moons And Jupiter Imaging Spectrometer) instrument derived from ground calibration measurements and first flight acquisitions. MAJIS is a visible and infrared imaging spectrometer on board the ESA/Juice spacecraft currently on its way toward the Jupiter system.

Guest Editor: François Poulet

Paolo Haffoud; François Poulet; Mathieu Vincendon; Gianrico Filacchione; Alessandra Barbis; Pierre Guiot; Benoit Lecomte; Yves Langevin; Giuseppe Piccioni; Cydalise Dumesnil; Sébastien Rodriguez; John Carter; Stefani Stefania; Leonardo Tommasi; Federico Tosi; Cédric Pilorget
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