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Perception and Production of Sounds in the High-Frequency Range of Human Speech

The frequency range audible to humans can extend from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, but only the lower portion of this range – up to 8 kHz – has been systematically explored regarding speech. Challenging the notion that extended high-frequency (EHF) information has minimal functional significance, this Special Issue presents a collection of studies investigating the acoustic and perceptual utility of EHF information above this low range. The papers are divided into five categories, including EHF hearing, EHF hearing loss, EHF in speech and speaker recognition, acoustic EHF energy in fricative sounds, and ultrasonic vocalizations in mice in relation to human hearing.

Guest Editors: Ewa Jacewicz (Liaison Guest Editor), Joshua M. Alexander, and Robert A. Fox

Image Credit: Figure 1 from Y. Hamza, A. Farhadi, D. M. Schwarz, J. M. McDonough, L. H. Carney, “Representations of fricatives in subcortical model responses: Comparisons with human consonant perception.” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 154: 602–618 (2023).

Special Collection Image
Jeremy J. Donai; D. Dwayne Paschall; Saad Haider
Ewa Jacewicz; Joshua M. Alexander; Robert A. Fox
Sebastian Waechter; K. Jonas Brännström
Christina M. Roup; Sarah D. Ferguson; Devan Lander
Christine H. Shadle; Wei-Rong Chen; Laura L. Koenig; Jonathan L. Preston
Viktor Kharlamov; Daniel Brenner; Benjamin V. Tucker
Ewa Jacewicz; Robert A. Fox; Christopher E. Holt
Kylie Yao; Maria Bergamasco; Maria Luisa Scattoni; Adam P. Vogel
Yasmeen Hamza; Afagh Farhadi; Douglas M. Schwarz; Joyce M. McDonough; Laurel H. Carney
Brian B. Monson; Rohit M. Ananthanarayana; Allison Trine; Vahid Delaram; G. Christopher Stecker; Emily Buss
Tess K. Koerner; Frederick J. Gallun
Jing Yang; Li Xu
Srikanta K. Mishra; Qian-jie Fu; John J. Galvin, III; Andrea Galindo
Natalja Ulrich; François Pellegrino; Marc Allassonnière-Tang
Udit Saxena; Srikanta K. Mishra; Hansapani Rodrigo; Moumita Choudhury
Saransh Jain; Vijaya Kumar Narne; N. P. Nataraja; Sanjana Madhukesh; Kruthika Kumar; Brian C. J. Moore
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