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3D Sound Reconstruction For Virtual Auditory Displays: Applications In Buildings

This Special Issue on three-dimensional (3D) sound reconstruction for virtual auditory displays: applications in buildings contains six research papers. Among them, three articles describe virtual reconstruction of important theatres and opera houses. The remaining articles focus on theoretical approaches of virtual sound localization or auralisation.

Guest Editors: Lamberto Tronchin and Ning Xiang (Liaison Guest Editor)

Image Credit: Figure 6 from A. Bevilacqua, G. Iannace, “Acoustic study of the Roman theatre of Pompeii: Comparison between existing condition and future installation of two parametric acoustic shells,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 154, 2211–2226 (2023).

Special Collection Image
Lamberto Tronchin; Ning Xiang
Antonella Bevilacqua; Gino Iannace
Matthieu Kuntz; Norbert F. Bischof; Bernhard U. Seeber
Ziying Yu; Qiaoxi Zhu; Ming Wu; Jun Yang
Antonella Bevilacqua; Gino Iannace
Lamberto Tronchin; Antonella Bevilacqua
Ziran Jiang; Jinqiu Sang; Chengshi Zheng; Andong Li; Xiaodong Li
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