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Photonics in Biomedicine

Biophotonics is an emerging interdisciplinary field encompassing photonics and biomedical science. Within the recent decade, the rapid developing of this discipline has attracted a lot of attentions ranging from the development of new optical imaging technologies to the applications in diseases detection and photodynamic therapy. In this special issue, we hope to collect the relevant works that focus on but are not limited to the topics mentioned below, to present the state-of-art of Photonics in Biomedicine, including the presentation of new methods, the introducing of new concepts, and the demonstration of new applications.

Guest Editors: Sergio Fantini and Muyinatu Bell, and APL Photonics Editor Ling Fu

Bolin Lu; Zhangheng Ding; Kefu Ning; Xiaoyu Zhang; Xiangning Li; Jiangjiang Zhao; Ruiheng Xie; Dan Shen; Jiahong Hu; Tao Jiang; Jianwei Chen; Hui Gong; Jing Yuan
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