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Hybrid and Heterogeneous Integration in Photonics: From Physics to Device Applications

The rapid advancement in photonic devices laid bare that no single photonic material technology can address the needs of all applications that desire a compact photonic solution. Integrating different material technologies into a single photonic device presents a tantalising solution as each material can be used to provide the photonic functionality for which it is best suited without compromising the functionalities of the other elements in the system. The clear advantages that such hybrid photonic material systems have motivated the exploration of a wide range of hybrid and heterogeneous photonic integration technologies, creating a rich library of materials and integration technologies that can be used to create advanced photonic devices. This APL Special Topic aims to provide a snapshot on the latest developments in hybrid and heterogeneous integration in photonic devices, from physics to device applications.

Guest Editors: Andy Boes, Michael Strain, Lin Chang, and Nima Nader

Linhao Li; Yixun He; Tingjun Lin; Hongsheng Jiang; Yi Li; Tingting Lin; Changjian Zhou; Guoqiang Li; Wenliang Wang
Jinlong Jiao; Ruoyun Ji; Liqiang Yao; Yingjie Rao; Shaoying Ke; Jianfang Xu; Yibo Zeng; Cheng Li; Guangyang Lin; Wei Huang; Songyan Chen
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