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Phase-change Materials and Their Applications

A better understanding of phase-change materials faciliates optimal design, and their strategic integration in devices/systems helps reach new theoretical limits that are intrinsic to more traditional materials. This broad field encompasses multiple phenomena and different operational principles, which have been cleverly used for demonstrating technological advantages. However, the underlying physics of some phase-change materials is yet to be fully understood, casting a shadow on the full potential of devices/systems relying on phase-change materials. This special topic welcomes contributions that demonstrate the integration of phase-change materials into sensors and actuators that exploit their multifunctionality, and fundamental studies that help understand them.

Guest Editors: Nelson Sepulveda and Yunqi Cao

Chase B. Somodi; Kristin McCormick; Daniel P. Tabor; Emily Pentzer; Patrick J. Shamberger
Julian Pries; Christian Stenz; Shuai Wei; Matthias Wuttig; Pierre Lucas
Rebeca M. Gurrola; John M. Cain; Sangheon Oh; Timothy D. Brown; Fatme Jardali; Ryan M. Schoell; Digvijay R. Yadav; Jiaqi Dong; Christopher M. Smyth; Matt Pharr; Suhas Kumar; Kelvin Xie; Khalid Hattar; A. Alec Talin; Tzu-Ming Lu; Patrick J. Shamberger
A. S. Abdalla; Suliman Alameen; K. Ayuel; Muhammad Sheraz Khan; Hajer Adam; Elsadig O. Fadol
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