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Thermal Transport in 2D Materials

There are many applications of 2D materials in nanodevices due to their excellent properties such as ultrahigh carrier mobility and thermal conductivity. Thermal management is critical for reliability and overall performance of the next generation of nanoelectronic power devices. The excellent thermoelectric properties exhibited by 2D materials suggest potential applications in energy conversion. Fundamental insights into the thermal transport behaviors of 2D materials are important for informing effective heat dissipation strategies of 2D material-based nanoelectronics, and are critical for evaluating other thermal-related factors such as thermoelectric coefficients. Further exploration of phonon transport in 2D materials can also provide theoretical guidance for thermal management design. This special issue aims to publish cutting-edge research on the fundamental physical properties, experimental techniques, theoretical simulations, and applications related to thermal transport in 2D materials.

Guest Editors: Minglei Sun and Kai Ren

Yong-Mei Zhang; Jian-Sheng Wang
A. Rikhter; D. N. Basov; M. M. Fogler
Yuxiang Ni; Xiaoyu Huang; Fangyuan Zhai; Yuanzheng Chen; Hongyan Wang; Honggang Zhang
Hamidreza Zobeiri; Jingchao Zhang; Amin Karamati; Yangsu Xie; Xinwei Wang
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