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Flow and Civil Structures

The extent of urbanization reflects the advancement of human civilization and scientific progress. Our civil endeavors, whether historical marvels or futuristic realizations, must all withstand the complex physics of fluids. Furthermore, given today's unprecedented size and number of metropolises, the city biome and urban microclimate have become significant frontiers of scientific and engineering exploration—only to be fully understood with fluid mechanics knowledge.

This Special Issue aims to shed light on the often-overlooked aspect of fluid mechanics and facilitate the exchange of theoretical knowledge and its practical application. We invite theoretical, experimental, and numerical contributions that investigate fluid flows in all facets of the urban setting. Some potential topics include, but are not limited to, the internal and external interactions of fluids and civil structures and infrastructure; fluid flows in the urban environment and microclimate; fluid-related disaster prevention for cities; pollution and sustainability; urban aerodynamics and hydrology; computational, experimental, and analytical methods/algorithms applicable to urban flows.

Guest Editors: Tim. K.T. Tse (谢锦添), Zengshun Chen (陈增顺), Xuelin Zhang (张雪琳), and Cruz Y. Li (李雨桐)

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