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Plasmonics and Optical Metastructures

Plasmonics, metamaterials, and metasurfaces have enabled unprecedented control of light and transformative advancements in various technologies. This Special Topic seeks to highlight the latest research and developments in the physics, design, fabrication, and applications of plasmonics and optical metastructures. We invite researchers from diverse disciplines to submit their innovative work, spanning theoretical investigations, experimental breakthroughs, and practical applications in both classical and quantum regimes. This collection aims to foster a deeper understanding of light-matter interactions at the nanoscale, paving the way for novel devices and emerging technologies.

Guest Editors: Zi Jing Wong, Wenshan Cai, and Yongmin Liu

Dohyeon Lee; Younghwan Yang; Junsuk Rho
Riya Choudhary; Kaushal Vairagi; Samir Kumar Mondal; Sachin Kumar Srivastava
Fan Gao; Jian Zhou; Hao Liu; Juan Deng; Bo Yan
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