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Charged-Particle Transport in High Energy Density Plasmas

This Special Topic invites updates on theoretical, computational, and experimental approaches to determining ionic and electronic transport properties in high energy density plasmas. These properties, which include diffusivity, electrical and thermal conductivities, stopping powers, and electron-ion coupling, are critical for accurate modeling of high-energy-density (HED) and inertial confinement fusion (ICF) experiments. Work that contextualizes sensitivities and uncertainties of radiation-hydrodynamic simulations to these transport properties is also invited. This collection will include a review of the second charged-particle transport workshop, which was held in California in July 2023.

Guest Editors: Brian Haines, Stephanie Hansen, Suxing Hu, Patrick Francis Knapp, Michael Murillo, Lucas Stanek, Liam Stanton, and Heather Whitley

B. K. Ofori-Okai; A. Descamps; E. E. McBride; M. Z. Mo; A. Weinmann; L. E. Seipp; S. J. Ali; Z. Chen; L. B. Fletcher; S. H. Glenzer
Shashikant Kumar; Xin Jing; John E. Pask; Phanish Suryanarayana
Alina Kononov; Alexander J. White; Katarina A. Nichols; S. X. Hu; Andrew D. Baczewski
Cody A. Melton; Raymond C. Clay, III; Kyle R. Cochrane; Amanda Dumi; Thomas A. Gardiner; Meghan K. Lentz; Joshua P. Townsend
S. X. Hu; K. A. Nichols; N. R. Shaffer; B. Arnold; A. J. White; L. A. Collins; V. V. Karasiev; S. Zhang; V. N. Goncharov; R. C. Shah; D. I. Mihaylov; S. Jiang; Y. Ping
Alexander J. White; Galen T. Craven; Vidushi Sharma; Lee A. Collins
G. Röpke
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