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Era of Entropy: Synthesis, Structure, Properties, and Applications of High-Entropy Materials

Interest in high-entropy materials continues its upward trajectory, with broad cross-discipline interest from physics, materials science, chemistry, and engineering. From compositionally complex to high-entropy alloys and ceramics, the breadth of customizability in structure-property relationships in these systems continues to diversify—leading to unexpected and exciting results in areas related to catalysis, ion transport, mechanical properties, phase stability, corrosion/oxidation resistance, hydrogen storage, magnetism, thermal transport, and radiation resistance. Highlighting the latest developments in this exciting new class of materials, this joint APL/JAP special topic is timely as it will provide a current snapshot on the various ongoing efforts related to understanding the effects of high compositional complexity in conventional structure-process-property-performance relationships. The collection further aims to provide perspectives in emerging areas of research including materials design, characterization, and functional properties of high-entropy alloys, ceramics, thin films, and single crystalline materials.

Guest Editors: Christina M. Rost, Abishek Sarkar, Scott McCormack, T. Zac Ward, Alessandro Mazza, Easo George, and Katharine Page

Daniel Dickes; Yujun Zhao; Felix Baier; Beyza Öztürk; Rainer Völkl; Tong Li; Mathias C. Galetz; Uwe Glatzel
Smita G. Rao; Rui Shu; Ji Wang; Jianlong Chai; Yabin Zhu; Arnaud le Febvrier; Per Eklund
Yong Guo; Yuanyuan Gong; Tingting Zhang; Zhishuo Zhang; Bin Chen; Fenghua Chen; Zhengyi Jiang; Feng Xu
Valery Dubov; Aliaksei Bondarau; Daria Lelekova; Ilya Komendo; Georgii Malashkevich; Viktoryia Kouhar; Vladimir Pustovarov; Dmitry Tavrunov; Mikhail Korzhik
Bohao Liu; Zhong Wang; Aidong Lan; Huijun Yang; Peter K. Liaw; Junwei Qiao
Liwen Liang; Jian Wu; Zekun Yin; Chuncai Kong; A. Pervikov; Huantong Shi; Xingwen Li; Aici Qiu
Gokay Adabasi; Aditya Deshpande; Koichi Tanaka; Joshua Ancheta; Emmanuel Maldonado; Mehmet Özdoğan; Suneel Kodambaka; Mehmet Z. Baykara
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