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2022 Photonics & Optics

Advances in the rapidly developing field of photonics and optics impact the development of cutting-edge technologies that evolve applications in key sectors of life such as healthcare, communications, materials, and beyond.

The collection below, handpicked by the editors, highlights publications from leading researchers working in disciplines spanning non-linear optics, sensing, laser-assisted medical diagnostics, laser sources, quantum optics, and more.

While selections for this collection are now closed, submissions from researchers working in the field are welcome year-round. Manuscripts can be submitted at:

Special Collection Image
Lanchi Xie; Senlin Li; Jingfeng Bi; Long Xue; Yahong Wang; Yucai Lai; Yinsheng Liao; Xuezhen Dong; Meijia Yang; Bo Wang; Feibing Xiong
Vladimir Shuvayev; Stanislav Kreps; Tal Carmon; Lev Deych
A. M. M. Tanveer Karim; M. K. R. Khan; M. N. H. Liton; M. Kamruzzaman; M. S. Hossain; Shengmei Chen
Mohan Kumar Ghimire; Donguk Kim; Yun Daniel Park
Xiao-Bo Zhang; Mao Huang; Rong-An Tang; Ai-Xia Zhang; Ju-Kui Xue
Amade Ndiaye; Hai Son Nguyen; Christian Seassal; Emmanuel Drouard; Badhise Ben Bakir
A. Heiler; R. Friedl; U. Fantz
Ahmed T. Alanazi; Sawsan Almohammed; James H. Rice
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