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Physical Sciences Approaches to Cancer Research

Cancerous tumors are deadly, but also a type of living material, with remarkable structural and mechanical properties and the ability to modify these properties in response to external stimuli to safeguard its existence. In this collection, we seek articles that describe experimental, theoretical, and simulation studies that investigate the physical and materials properties of cancer and the corresponding cellular responses. This includes numerical simulations of tumor growth and metastasis, studies evaluating the mechanical properties of cells and tissues, and investigations that employ engineered model systems to analyze tumor and stromal cell behavior as a function of their physical microenvironment.

Guest Editors: Claudia Fischbach, Corey O’Hern, and Adam Engler

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Maria Kalli; Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos
Matthew L. Tan; Niaa Jenkins-Johnston; Sarah Huang; Brittany Schutrum; Sandra Vadhin; Abhinav Adhikari; Rebecca M. Williams; Warren R. Zipfel; Jan Lammerding; Jeffrey D. Varner; Claudia Fischbach
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