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Materials for Energy and the Environment

To combat the devastating effects of climate change, the world must reduce its reliance on fossil-based fuels, with the goal of achieving a carbon-neutral future. In order to accomplished this, an increased effort in materials research is being made to increase the availability and efficiency of sources of sustainable energy. This special topic collection includes datasets from materials relating to energy and the environment. Such materials include not only those which are crucial to energy conversion and storage, but also those used to aid in the overall reduction of carbon emissions.

(Photo courtesy of Richard Haasch.)

Special Collection Image
Paul M. Dietrich; Andreas Thissen
Mattia Benedet; Gian Andrea Rizzi; Davide Barreca; Alberto Gasparotto; Chiara Maccato
Paul M. Dietrich; Lydia Gerlein; Julia Maibach; Andreas Thissen
Lyndi E. Strange; Mark H. Engelhard; Zhaoxin Yu; Dongping Lu
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