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Papers from the Femtosecond Electron Imaging and Spectroscopy 4 Conference

This special issue highlights recent advances in ultrafast electron diffraction, imaging and spectroscopy, which have broad application in fundamental Physics, Chemical Dynamics and Materials Science. The topics covered include development of novel ultrafast electron sources, electron microscopy and diffraction instruments, as well as methods for manipulating electron pulses to push the limits of spatio-temporal resolution. Applications of these sources include investigating the interaction of electrons with light fields, structural dynamics in photo-excited molecules and ultrafast changes in materials. The timescale for these processes ranges from attoseconds to nanoseconds.

Guest Editor: Martin Centurion

X. Shen; J. P. F. Nunes; J. Yang; R. K. Jobe; R. K. Li; Ming-Fu Lin; B. Moore; M. Niebuhr; S. P. Weathersby; T. J. A. Wolf; C. Yoneda; Markus Guehr; Martin Centurion; X. J. Wang
B. W. Reed; A. A. Moghadam; R. S. Bloom; S. T. Park; A. M. Monterrosa; P. M. Price; C. M. Barr; S. A. Briggs; K. Hattar; J. T. McKeown; D. J. Masiel
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