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Materials and Life Science Experiments for the Sounding Rocket MAPHEUS

This Special Topic collects articles relating to the MAPHEUS (MAterialPHysikalische Experimente Unter Schwerelosigkeit) sounding rocket and a facility designed for parabolic flight experiments. Coverage includes materials sciences (solidification research, thermophysical property measurements, liquid-liquid phase separation, active-Brownian particles, granular matter, and complex plasma), life sciences (protein behavior in plants, membrane fluidity, and the molecular response of living cells), and dosimetry experiments.

Guest Editor: Florian Kargl

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D. Bräuer; C. Neumann
Jens Hauslage; Mark Görög; Lars Krause; Oliver Schüler; Martin Schäfer; Anika Witten; Leona Kesseler; Maik Böhmer; Ruth Hemmersbach
Karsten Tell; Christoph Dreißigacker; Alberto Chiengue Tchapnda; Peidong Yu; Matthias Sperl
F. Kargl; J. Drescher; C. Dreißigacker; M. Balter; M. Becker; M. Wegener; E. Sondermann
R. Keßler; D. Bräuer; C. Dreißigacker; J. Drescher; C. Lozano; C. Bechinger; P. Born; Th. Voigtmann
Christian Liemersdorf; Yannick Lichterfeld; Ruth Hemmersbach; Jens Hauslage
M. Balter; C. Neumann; D. Bräuer; C. Dreißigacker; S. Steinbach
T. Berger; K. Marsalek; J. Aeckerlein; J. Hauslage; D. Matthiä; B. Przybyla; M. Rohde; M. Wirtz
N. Maas; R. Willnecker; R. Hemmersbach; J. Hauslage
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