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Preparatory work for the American Wake Experiment (AWAKEN)

This special issue will include manuscripts about the work performed for the preparation of the American Wake Experiment (AWAKEN, This project, which is funded by the US Dept. of Energy, has as main objectives: 1) to collect unprecedented observations of wind farm operations, their interactions with the atmospheric boundary layer, and wind turbine wakes; 2) improve accuracy in modeling wind farm operations; 3) improve efficiency and lower costs of wind power harvesting. The AWAKEN team encompasses international researchers from national laboratories, academia, and the wind energy industry working collaboratively on different wind energy topics, such as field experiments, numerical simulations, instrument development, wind turbine control, and wind plant design.

Guest Editors: Mithu Debnath, Nicholas Hamilton, Giacomo Valerio Iungo, Julie K. Lundquist, Patrick Moriarty

Special Collection Image
M. Puccioni; C. F. Moss; C. Jacquet; G. V. Iungo
Mithu Debnath; Patrick Moriarty; Raghavendra Krishnamurthy; Nicola Bodini; Rob Newsom; Eliot Quon; Julie K. Lundquist; Stefano Letizia; Giacomo Valerio Iungo; Petra Klein
Miguel Sanchez Gomez; Julie K. Lundquist; Jeffrey D. Mirocha; Robert S. Arthur; Domingo Muñoz-Esparza; Rachel Robey
G. V. Iungo; R. Maulik; S. A. Renganathan; S. Letizia
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