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Flow and Plants

Fluid flow physics in plants remains little-understood due to the complexity of the systems (multi-species, multi-scale and multi-physics nature, with fluid/bio-structure interactions). This Special Topic welcomes papers related to fluid flow dynamics inside or outside plants with multi-physics behavior (e.g. heat and/or mass transfer). Both experimental and numerical research are welcome, with a focus on computational science applications that address environmental, biophysics, and health issues related to fluid dynamics and plants, among others. This Special Topic will push the physics of fluids community to better understand different complex phenomena of plants.

Guest Editors: Atul Sharma and Amit Agrawal

Honghua Liu; Mengyang Liu; Yidan Ai; Wenxin Huai
Xiang Wang (王想); Carlo Gualtieri; Wenxin Huai (槐文信); Honghua Liu (刘洪华); Songli Yu (于松立)
Amit Kumar Saini (अमित कुमार सैनी); Satyendra Singh Chauhan (सत्येन्द्र सिंह चौहान); Ashish Tiwari (आशीष तिवारी)
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