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Biomedical Acoustics and Physical Acoustics: Shock Waves and Ultrasound for Calculus Fragmentation

"Shock Waves and Ultrasound for Calculus Fragmentation," took place during the 176th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and 2018 Acoustics Week in Canada. The sessions were cosponsored by the Biomedical Acoustics and Physical Acoustics Technical Committees and consisted of ten talks by industry and academic researchers from institutions in the United States, France, and the Russian Federation. The sessions described basic and applied acoustic research to manage urinary stones.

Guest Editors: Julianna C. Simon, Cochair and Michael R. Bailey, Cochair

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Julianna C. Simon; Michael R. Bailey
Yak-Nam Wang; Wayne Kreider; Chris Hunter; Bryan W. Cunitz; Jeff Thiel; Frank Starr; Jessica C. Dai; Yasser Nazari; Donghoon Lee; James C. Williams; Micheal R. Bailey; Adam D. Maxwell
Yuri A. Pishchalnikov; William Behnke-Parks; Kazuki Maeda; Tim Colonius; Matthew Mellema; Matthew Hopcroft; Alice Luong; Scott Wiener; Marshall L. Stoller; Thomas Kenny; Daniel J. Laser
Akshay P. Randad; Mohamed A. Ghanem; Michael R. Bailey; Adam D. Maxwell
Christopher Hunter; Adam D. Maxwell; Bryan Cunitz; Barbrina Dunmire; Mathew D. Sorensen; James C. Williams, Jr.; Akshay Randad; Michael Bailey; Wayne Kreider
Kazuki Maeda; Tim Colonius; Adam Maxwell; Wayne Kreider; Michael Bailey
Michael R. Bailey; Yak-Nam Wang; Wayne Kreider; Jessica C. Dai; Bryan W. Cunitz; Jonathan D. Harper; Helena Chang; Mathew D. Sorensen; Ziyue Liu; Oren Levy; Barbrina Dunmire; Adam D. Maxwell
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