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Advances in Magnetic Reconnection Research in Space and Laboratory Plasmas. Part IV

Magnetic reconnection is one of most important fundamental processes occurring ubiquitously in plasmas found in space, astrophysics, as well as hot laboratory fusion plasmas. In the past decades, the impressive progress has been accomplished through strong cross-disciplinary exchanges of new ideas and collaborations between laboratory, space, and astrophysical plasma communities, as well as between experiment/observation and theory/computation. These exchanges largely take place in cross-disciplinary meetings such as the series of the US-Japan Workshops on Magnetic Reconnection (MR) held alternatively between the US and Japan. This is the fourth installment of Special Topics from these workshops.

Guest Editors: Hantao Ji and Yasushi Ono

Special Collection Image
Hantao Ji; Yasushi Ono
Alex Lazarian; Gregory L. Eyink; Amir Jafari; Grzegorz Kowal; Hui Li; Siyao Xu; Ethan T. Vishniac
Shunsuke Usami; Ritoku Horiuchi; Hiroaki Ohtani; Yasushi Ono; Michiaki Inomoto; Hiroshi Tanabe
Yi-Min Huang; Luca Comisso; Amitava Bhattacharjee
Ritoku Horiuchi; Shunsuke Usami; Toseo Moritaka; Yasushi Ono
F. Ebrahimi
Shuoyang Wang; Takaaki Yokoyama
Allen H. Boozer
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