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In Memory of Edward E. (Ted) O’Brien

Ted O'Brien, Late Professor Emeritus of The Department of Mechanical Engineering at The State University of New York at Stony Brook, is considered a legend in fluid mechanics, particularly in the fields of turbulence and reactive flows. Throughout his career, he made fundamental contributions to the spectral theory of reactive scalars, analyzed the consequences of passive scalar tagging using Corrsin's "backward Lagrangian diffusion" concept, and contributed to the interpretation of Kraichnan's "direct interaction approximation" (DIA) for turbulent mixing. His other areas of interest included PD Functional and Function methods, the EDQNM spectral closure and the "amplitude mapping closure" (AMC) for scalar mixing, and the DNS and LES of compressible flows. To honor him, this special topic is devoted to a collection of modern papers in his fields of research.

Guest Editors: Cesar Dopazo, Peyman Givi and Foluso Ladeinde

Special Collection Image
Cesar Dopazo; Peyman Givi; Foluso Ladeinde
R. Borghi
Foluso Ladeinde; Peyman Givi; Cesar Dopazo
Wenwen Xie (解汶汶); Wantong Wu (吴万同); Zhuyin Ren (任祝寅); Hong Liu (刘洪); Matthias Ihme
Alessio Innocenti; Rodney O. Fox; Sergio Chibbaro
Maryam Akram; Venkat Raman
Ryan Darragh; Colin A. Z. Towery; Michael A. Meehan; Peter E. Hamlington
Husam Abdulrahman; Abdoulahad Validi; Farhad Jaberi
Luis Valiño; Juan Hierro; Radu Mustata; César Dopazo
Alessio Innocenti; Rodney O. Fox; Sergio Chibbaro
Maria Knorps; Jacek Pozorski
M. Bambauer; N. Chakraborty; M. Klein; J. Hasslberger
F. Abbas; B. Wang (王柏森); M. J. Cleary; A. R. Masri
Laura Pereira de Castro; Abgail Paula Pinheiro; Vitor Vilela; Gabriel Marcos Magalhães; Ricardo Serfaty; João Marcelo Vedovotto
Vasu Jaganath; Michael Stoellinger
Yash G. Shah; James G. Brasseur; Yuan Xuan
A. N. Lipatnikov; T. Nilsson; R. Yu; X. S. Bai; V. A. Sabelnikov
Shiming Zhang (张师茗); Zhen Lu (卢臻); Yue Yang (杨越)
Foluso Ladeinde; HyeJin Oh
Matthew du Preez; Andrew P. Wandel; D. Bontch-Osmolovskaia; R. Peter Lindstedt
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