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Recent Advances in Theory, Simulations, and Experiments on Multiphase Flows

Multiphase flows, which include two or more phases of gas, liquid or solid, are not only ubiquitous in our daily life but also have important applications in a wide variety of industries including aeronautics, astronautics, chemical, pharmaceuticals, power, and petroleum. Due to the existence of complex and dynamic interfaces between different phases, it is usually difficult to solve challenging multiphase flow problems through only one simple method. For different types of multiphase flows, researchers and scholars put great effort into developing new theories, numerical methods, and/or experimental techniques that can be applied to their respective problems. This special issue covers recent advances in theory, simulations, and experiments on multiphase flows.

Guest Editors: Yan Wang (王岩), Haihu Liu (刘海湖) and Hai-Zhuang Yuan (袁海专)

Special Collection Image
Yan Wang (王岩); Haihu Liu (刘海湖); Haizhuan Yuan (袁海专)
Ran Qiao (乔然); Kai Mu (穆恺); Xisheng Luo (罗喜胜); Ting Si (司廷)
Hongchuan Cong (丛红钏); Lijuan Qian (钱丽娟); Yiting Wang (王艺婷); Jianzhong Lin (林建忠)
Qing Miao (苗青); Quanzi Yuan (袁泉子); Ya-Pu Zhao (赵亚溥)
Xitong Zhang (张习同); Haihu Liu (刘海湖); Jinggang Zhang (张静刚)
Yan Xia (夏严); Hongbing Xiong (熊红兵); Zhaosheng Yu (余钊圣); Chenlin Zhu (朱晨琳)
Feng Huang (黄峰); Ruina Xu (胥蕊娜); Peixue Jiang (姜培学); Chao Wang (王超); Haitao Wang (王海涛); Zengmin Lun (伦增珉)
Q. Li (李庆); Y. Yu (余悦); Z. X. Wen (文哲希)
Qiao-Zhong Li (李桥忠); Zhi-Liang Lu (陆志良); Di Zhou (周迪); Xiao-Dong Niu (牛小东); Tong-Qin Guo (郭同庆); Bing-Chen Du (杜秉宸)
Bei Wei (韦贝); Jian Hou (侯健); Michael C. Sukop; Qingjun Du (杜庆军)
Xiang Li (李翔); Zhi-Qiang Dong (董志强); Peng Yu (余鹏); Xiao-Dong Niu (牛小东); Lian-Ping Wang (王连平); De-Cai Li (李德才); Hiroshi Yamaguchi (山口博司)
Ao Xu (徐翱); Shi Tao (陶实); Le Shi (史乐); Heng-Dong Xi (郗恒东)
Heng Li (李恒); Xiaoke Ku (库晓珂); Jianzhong Lin (林建忠)
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