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Light, X-ray, and Neutron Scattering of Flow

Light, X-ray, and neutron scattering techniques have long been used to understand the physics of fluids at the nano- and microscales. From protein morphology to polymer orientation to interactions between suspended particles, scattering methods offer perspectives on fluid properties not attainable with other approaches. This special topic focuses on the coupling of scattering techniques with flow and how this pairing provides new insights into the physics of fluids. Contributions to this topic span a variety of scattering techniques and reveal how scattering can expand our knowledge of flow.

Guest Editor: Peter H. Gilbert

Special Collection Image
Yu-Fan Lee; Kevin Whitcomb; Norman J. Wagner
Feng Wei (魏峰); 魏峰; Yu-Xin Zhao (赵玉新); 赵玉新; Wei-Dong Liu (刘卫东); 刘卫东; Qian-Cheng Wang (王前程); 王前程; Rui Yang (杨瑞); 杨瑞
Joshua P. King; Calum S. G. Butler; Stuart W. Prescott; Anna V. Sokolova; Liliana de Campo; Ashley P. Williams; Rico F. Tabor
Han June Park (박한준); 박한준; Sangeun Bae (배상은); 배상은; Hyungrok Do (도형록); 도형록; Wontae Hwang (황원태); 황원태
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