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Fluid-Structure Interactions: From Engineering to Biomimetic Systems

This special issue comprises proceedings papers from a mini-symposium entitled "Fluid-Structure Interactions: From Engineering to Biomimetic Systems", which was held at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), Okinawa, Japan in January 2020 (> The mini-symposium hosted 12 international invited speakers and 4 internal OIST speakers for 2.5 days of talks and informal discussions. Presentations spanned experimental, theoretical and numerical approaches to understanding fluid-structure interactions over a range of length scales (from environmental to lab-on-a-chip) and in a range of fluids (from compressible and incompressible Newtonian fluids to complex viscoelastic and biological samples).

Guest Editors: Simon J. Haward and Amy Q. Shen

Special Collection Image
Simon J. Haward; Amy Q. Shen
Sangwoo Shin
Nanami Taketoshi (竹歳七海); 竹歳七海; Toshihiro Omori (大森俊宏); 大森俊宏; Takuji Ishikawa (石川拓司); 石川拓司
Kento Yasuda (安田健人); 安田健人; Mizuki Kuroda (黒田瑞季); 黒田瑞季; Shigeyuki Komura (好村滋行); 好村滋行
Marco E. Rosti; Luca Brandt
Kenta Ishimoto
Hitomu Matsui; Toshihiro Omori; Takuji Ishikawa
Stylianos Varchanis; Cameron C. Hopkins; Amy Q. Shen; John Tsamopoulos; Simon J. Haward
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