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Invited Contributions from Early Career Researchers 2020

This special topic of Physics of Fluids is dedicated to young investigators (mainly Ph.D students and postdocs) who are among the most talented emerging researchers in the fluids community. These articles were selected from researchers working across the globe and cover topics such as rheology, fracture in extensional flow of polymers, micellar solutions, colloidal glasses and magnetic hydrodynamic turbulence, among many others.

Guest Editors: Rossana Pasquino

Special Collection Image
Rossana Pasquino
Rossana Pasquino
Lorenzo Lombardi; Daniele Tammaro
Henry C.-H. Ng; Emile Collignon; Robert J. Poole; David J. C. Dennis
N. Burshtein; K. Zografos; A. Q. Shen; R. J. Poole; S. J. Haward
P. M. Comiskey; C. Staszel
Marco De Paoli
Petra Bačová; Eirini Gkolfi; Laurence G. D. Hawke; Vagelis Harmandaris
Michele Buzzicotti; Patricio Clark Di Leoni
Daniele Parisi; José Ruiz-Franco; Yingbo Ruan (阮英波); Chen Yiang Liu (刘琛阳); Benoit Loppinet; Emanuela Zaccarelli; Dimitris Vlassopoulos
Shiyan Wang; Cheng-Wei Tai; Vivek Narsimhan
H. Nganguia; K. Zheng; Y. Chen; O. S. Pak; L. Zhu
Brato Chakrabarti; David Saintillan
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