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Invited Contributions from Outstanding Early Career Researchers

This special topic of Physics of Fluids is dedicated to young investigators (mainly Ph.D students and postdocs) who are among the most talented emerging researchers in the fluids community. These articles were selected from researchers working across the globe and cover topics such as magnetic hydrodynamic turbulence, fracture in extensional flow of polymers, micellar solutions, and colloidal glasses, among others.

Guest Editor: Rossana Pasquino

Special Collection Image
Rossana Pasquino
Brice Saint-Michel; Sébastien Manneville; Steven Meeker; Guillaume Ovarlez; Hugues Bodiguel
Qian Huang
Marco De Corato; Yannis Dimakopoulos; John Tsamopoulos
Alan R. Jacob; Esmaeel Moghimi; George Petekidis
Marco Trofa; Gaetano D’Avino; Pier Luca Maffettone
Franziska Walker; Stephane Isabettini; Simon Kuster; Peter Fischer; Viviane Lutz-Bueno
Salvatore Costanzo; Veronica Vanzanella; Benedetto De Vito; Nino Grizzuti
Debarghya Banerjee; Rahul Pandit
C. Saengow; A. J. Giacomin; Nino Grizzuti; R. Pasquino
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