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Wide Bandgap (WBG) Semiconductors: from Fundamentals to Applications

Wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductors have received widespread attention in recent years because of their superior physical properties such as large band gap, high carrier mobility, and high thermal conductivity. 4H-SiC is the most prominent wide bandgap semiconductor material with respect to commercially available power semiconductor devices. Among the versatile applications of WBG devices, defects play a major role — either being detrimental to power device performance. This special issue contains contributed papers in different areas of wide bandgap semiconductors. Topics include fundamental studies on the defects of SiC, i.e., carbon vacancy (Vc) and silicon vacancy (VSi), the processing or application of 4H-SiC devices, and GaN-based devices.

Guest Editors: Zongwei Xu, Yidan Tang, and Mathias Rommel

Special Collection Image
Zengqi Zhang; Zongwei Xu; Ying Song; Tao Liu; Bing Dong; Jiayu Liu; Hong Wang
Ziwei Zhou; Weiwei He; Zhenzhong Zhang; Jun Sun; Adolf Schöner; Zedong Zheng
Shen Diao; Jun Sun; Ziwei Zhou; Zhenzhong Zhang; Adolf Schöner; Zedong Zheng; Weiwei He
Lixia Zhao
Jiayu Liu; Zongwei Xu; Ying Song; Hong Wang; Bing Dong; Shaobei Li; Jia Ren; Qiang Li; Mathias Rommel; Xinhua Gu; Bowen Liu; Minglie Hu; Fengzhou Fang
Xiuhong Wang; Junlei Zhao; Zongwei Xu; Flyura Djurabekova; Mathias Rommel; Ying Song; Fengzhou Fang
Zongwei Xu; Yidan Tang; Mathias Rommel
Yongle Qi; Denggui Wang; Jianjun Zhou; Kai Zhang; Yuechan Kong; Suzhen Wu; Tangsheng Chen
Li Ji; Lei Liu; Zongwei Xu; Ying Song; Jintong Wu; Rongrong Li; Fengzhou Fang
Xiuhong Wang; Zongwei Xu; Mathias Rommel; Bing Dong; Le Song; Clarence Augustine TH Tee; Fengzhou Fang
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