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Plasma Optics

Plasmas present a unique possibility to generate and manipulate high-power coherent light. As they are not subject to a damage threshold like standard optical materials, they can handle much higher fluences. Plasmas can be used in a controlled way to affect the properties of laser pulses such as intensity, duration, spectrum etc. They can be used to tailor laser pulses for specific secondary applications. This special issue aims at presenting recent research in the field of plasma optics: experiment, technology, theory and simulation.

Guest Editors: Caterina Riconda and Stefan Weber

Special Collection Image
C. Riconda; S. Weber
Nikita A. Mikheytsev; Artem V. Korzhimanov
Zhaoli Li; Yanlei Zuo; Xiaoming Zeng; Zhaohui Wu; Xiaodong Wang; Xiao Wang; Jie Mu; Bilong Hu
Zhaohui Wu; Yanlei Zuo; Xiaoming Zeng; Zhaoli Li; Zhimeng Zhang; Xiaodong Wang; Bilong Hu; Xiao Wang; Jie Mu; Jingqin Su; Qihua Zhu; Yaping Dai
G. Lehmann; K. H. Spatschek
E. F. J. Bacon; M. King; R. Wilson; T. P. Frazer; R. J. Gray; P. McKenna
Xing-Long Zhu; Wei-Yuan Liu; Su-Ming Weng; Min Chen; Zheng-Ming Sheng; Jie Zhang
Kenan Qu; Nathaniel J. Fisch
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