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Molecular Beam Epitaxy

This collection contains papers presented at the 37th North American Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (NAMBE 2023), which was held September 17-20, 2023 in Madison, Wisconsin, as well as other papers on this topic that were not presented at the conference. The North American Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy is a prominent international forum for reporting scientific and technological developments in Molecular Beam Epitaxy research. The conference showcases important results from fundamental materials and device research, through technological applications, and into high-volume and low-cost production. The Conference Chair was Jason Kawasaki (University of Wisconsin, Madison) and the Program Chair was Bharat Jalan (University of Minnesota).

Guest Editors:
Jason Kawasaki, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Bharat Jalan, University of Minnesota

Stephanie Law, University of Pennsylvania
Joshua Zide, University of Delaware

Zon; Tzu-Wei Lo; Zhen-Lun Li; Samatcha Vorathamrong; Chao-Chia Cheng; Chun-Nien Liu; Chun-Te Chiang; Li-Wei Hung; Ming-Sen Hsu; Wei-Sheng Liu; Jen-Inn Chyi; Charles W. Tu
Cooper A. Voigt; Matthew Reingold; Alex Dube; Lawrence S. Early; Brent K. Wagner; Eric M. Vogel
A. Elbaroudy; B. Khromets; F. Sfigakis; E. Bergeron; Y. Shi; M. C. A. Tam; G. Nichols; T. Blaikie; J. Baugh; Z. R. Wasilewski
T. Blaikie; Y. Shi; M. C. Tam; B. D. Moreno; Z. R. Wasilewski
T. Pan Menasuta; Kevin A. Grossklaus; John H. McElearney; Thomas E. Vandervelde
Sho Aonuki; Kaori Takayanagi; Ai Iwai; Kaoru Toko; Takashi Suemasu
Ai Iwai; Sho Aonuki; Shunsuke Narita; Kaori Takayanagi; Kaoru Toko; Takashi Suemasu
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